Week 12 of 📚 本好きの下剋上 / 책벌레의 하극상 🪱

Welcome all to week 12 of our Bookworm bookclub!



Week Start Date Chapter Number Ch. Name :jp: Ch. Name :kr: Ending% / Page# :jp: Ending Page# :kr: # of Pages :jp: # of Pages :kr:
12 Nov 20 24 会合への道 회합의 길 79%/287 289 10 111
25 商人との会合 상인과의 회합 82%/306 307 19 18

Junior JP version

(No page numbers known)

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Character Table
English Japanese Korean Notes
Myne マイン 마인 Protagonist (Eng. also written “Main”)
Tuuli トゥーリ 투리 Myne’s older sister
Effa エーファ 에파 Myne’s mother
Günter ギュンター 귄터 Myne’s father
Lutz ルッツ 루츠 Friend; same age as Myne
Ralph ラルフ 랄프 Friend; same age as Tuuli
Carla カルラ 칼라 Lutz and Ralph’s mother
Fey フェイ 페이 Friend; same age as Tuuli
Otto オットー 오토 Subordinate to Günter

Discussion ground rule suggestions

  • Any spoilers, for the current chapters must be behind spoilers or detail curtains. When we get further in you don’t need to hide details that were revealed in previous chapters.
  • Always mention where you are in the book when discussing, ideally by chapter so people reading different versions have a clear point of reference.
  • Feel free to read ahead if it’s exciting! But please refrain from spoiling ahead of the appropriate week :slight_smile:
  • If you have a question about grammar, vocab, cultural things, etc - ask! That can be part of the discussion too and I’m sure some folks would be happy to help.
  • Even if you don’t read the chapter(s) in time, you are still encouraged to post in the thread for that reading once you have finished it. I advise not reading ahead in the threads as you may see spoilers.
Are you joining us for week 12?
  • I’m reading along
  • I’m just following the discussion :popcorn:
  • I’m reading, but not at the same pace as the club
  • I’ve dropped the book
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This week’s readings were great! We’re finally seeing how Myne’s book and paper making can become a business opportunity, with the help of the ever loyal and adorable ルッツ. I enjoyed meeting Otto’s friend Benno, even though it was a bit nerve wracking. The tangent about how Otto met his wife was pretty funny! I’m glad that the book is ending on a more concrete note than just the usual slice of life hijinks, and is pointing towards more important things that will happen in the future. I like the slice of life, but it’s important to have bigger plot advancement as well. I’m really glad that I finally picked up this series!


Okay, I sat down for several hours today to catch up. :muscle: Read 6 chapters back to back; it was nice seeing how well my listening-while-reading stamina has improved.

I’ll probably push on and finish the book this week, just to get it off my plate before December hits.

Like @NihongoLearner19 mentioned, it was nice ending this week’s reading with some plot instead of the slice-of-life, though I have a feeling we’ll have plenty of time to kill next book before Myne’s 洗礼式. :stuck_out_tongue:


After reading 商人との会合 I like to think the reason for Otto’s name is because it’s one lengthener long from being 夫(husband) lol :skull:

I am also planning on trying to finish the book by the end of this week. :muscle::sparkles:


Hah, that’s pretty good!


For those considering to read ahead, the epilogue is the part that completely changed my understanding of the series and pushed me to rush through the whole series :eyes:
(For those who have seen the anime/already know™ it’s probably going to be underwhelming, but it blew my mind at the time :sweat_smile:)


Finished this week’s reading as well, and agree with everyone else.

I don’t know if it’s just the audiobook voice actor, or all the times that something happened to Myne’s 背筋, but ベンノ scared the crap out of me :sweat_smile:
I’m glad it seems like we’re on a good path for the future.

I’m planning on maybe watching the anime some, but unless the epilogue is as mind blowing for me like it was for @Naphthalene, I think my time with Myne is gonna come to an end after this book. :slightly_smiling_face:


Finished with this week’s reading and, what do you know?! We are already at the epilogue! It’s been three months since we started the book but it feels like it went by quickly. :smiling_face_with_tear:

The introduction of Benno and the merchant plotline made me really nostalgic and reminded me why I had so much fun watching the anime and reading the first few volumes, so I actually purchased vol. 4 in Japanese to pick up where I left off with the story. Let’s go! :books:

Can I just say though, Lutz is so adorable. During the interview scene, his reactions are really cute.


I finished these chapters over the weekend, and I’m pretty sure these were the ones that hooked my interest enough to try volume 2. They have some of my favorite versions of Myne.

Sadly did not finish the epilogue yesterday as planned since I ended up working an obscene amount of hours. I’m still giving myself credit for (mostly) finishing on time with the club. :innocent: