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  • If you have a question about grammar, vocab, cultural things, etc - ask! That’s a welcome part of the discussion too, and other readers will be happy to help.
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Finished this week’s part. Took me about 39 minutes.

Had to laugh at the try to die by holding the breath due to a shut mouth, only to fail because the nose was doing the breathing.

Hopefully as new characters are introduced, the delusion parts become a bit more bearable, as that’s the part that it’s taking me most of my comprehension braincells and time.


MC is such an incel/black pill guy. :melting_face:


Gotta say I found this chapter a lot harder to get through - vocab, grammar, and just… whatever this guy is 妄想ing… like he went from “this poor young religious girl, she should be out hooking up w/ people and living life” to “wait, maybe she’s actually the secretly rebellious kind of religious girl” to something about whips and witch hunts??!, and also just distinguishing when he’s picturing himself saying something vs actually saying it.

I definitely feel bad for him, having such an intense amount of self-loathing though… and I’m kinda on the border between “interesting PoV character” and “it’s getting to be a bit too much, being in this guy’s head”. So I’m certainly looking forward to meeting other characters.

Vocab wise, some pages I’d get by with 2-4 lookups, and other pages I was looking up multiple words per sentence (so the L32 starts to make more sense). I was surprised to see a variety of words I’d seen in fantasy settings, which I’d assumed I wouldn’t run into outside of fantasy settings. Guess you never know when/where vocab will be useful!


Remember you can always post questions if there’s a part you just can’t unravel!


Indeed, tho I was on the subway, and the finer details of his delusions didn’t seem too significant. I’m trying to extensive read as much as possible, so I’ll probly just move on, unless it seems like a roadblock

Anyway, thx for the reminder :slight_smile:


Just caught up with last week’s reading. I agree with @暁のルナ that the difficulty is wildly variable. Some places I went multiple pages without looking things up and in other parts I was looking up every noun in the sentence.

He’s definitely not a likable character, but his delusions/self loathing are sometimes so over the top that they make me lol.


Next week’s is a lot smoother with the vocab, btw.


That’s good to hear! I was worried that the first week was a fluke and that the rest of the book was gonna be a slog.