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Welcome to the third week of Medium 霊媒探偵城塚翡翠!

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We are following the below schedule (page counts may vary based on your medium):

Week Up to Approximate Pages Percent Paperback page
Week 1 * - last sentence ending 最後になった 31 8% 40
Week 2 * - last sentence ending 視ていたのだろう 26 14% 67
Week 3 * - last sentence ending 明かしてください 26 19% 94
Week 4 end of 第一話 24 24% 118
Week 5 * - last sentence ending じいぅと見つめていた 28 31% 155
Week 6 * - last sentence ending 席に立った 25 37% 181
Week 7 end of 第二話 29 43% 210
Week 8 * - last sentence ending 女の子です 29 49%
Week 9 * - last sentence ending 見つかったそうです 33 56%
Week 10 * - last sentence ending 愛しげに抱きしめた 33 64%
Week 11 * - last sentence ending はそう判断した 26 70%
Week 12 English sentence containing “Iced coffee” 29 76%
Week 13 English sentence containing “Grimoire” 29 81%
Week 14 * - last sentence ending その経緯を知りたいです 44 90%
Week 15 until 解説 29 96%

I will generally copy this information over thread to thread each week for ease of finding - you can always expect the schedule at the top of any weekly thread :slight_smile:

:policeman: Law and Order :policewoman:

  • Any reveals, for the current chapters must be behind spoilers or detail curtains. When we get further in you don’t need to hide details that were revealed in previous chapters.
  • Questions on vocab, grammar, nuance, and the like are both welcome and encouraged. If you’re not sure if it’s a spoiler, assume it is and use one of the above options to hide the text.
  • You are encouraged to speculate and guess wildly
  • Be kind about other peoples’ wild guesses :sparkling_heart:
  • Even if you don’t read the chapter(s) in time, you are still encouraged to post in the thread for that reading once you have finished it. I advise not reading ahead in the threads as you may see spoilers.

To gauge participation - a poll!

Are you reading week 3 of Medium?

  • Yes, I’m planning to read along/am reading along this week
  • I’m reading, but not at the same pace as the club
  • I’m just following the discussion :popcorn:
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Happy sleuthing! :male_detective:


I hope Hisui is going to stop apologising for how useless her abilities are…


I read a couple of pages and I was thinking Why is it that Hisui gets all the attention and descriptions of her clothes and make up every time we meet her but Kougetsu not even once? (or did I forget? :thinking: :sweat_smile:)
I want to know what does sensei look like. :grin:


It honestly made me laugh when her makeup was described as bright, with an orange base - it just reminded me of teenage years in London when everyone wore mismatched orange foundation on their pale skin :grin:


It feels particularly out of place given that our viewpoint is from Kougetsu’s perspective. Is he really the type to be precise and observant about women’s clothing?


I was thinking the same. It didn’t seem to me that he cares, but then iirc there was also descriptions of Yuika and Chiwasaki(?)'s clothes so perhaps he IS observant after all :grin:
Optimistically he is used to looking for details, clothes and make up included, due to his job. :smiley:
And overall I think we still know very little about his personality.


I think the police inspector (鐘場 正和 according to my notes) from last week’s reading wasn’t described at all :thinking: Or it just went over my head :smiley:


That reminds me, I didn’t really read that bit properly :see_no_evil: why do the police work with Kougetsu again? :sweat_smile:


Someone else committed a crime based around the plot of one of his books so the police contacted him if he has any crazy fans or stalkers. I think they kept working with him unofficially because he had an interesting viewpoint or something.

Someone else please chime in if I got something wrong :smiley:


Thank you! :grin:



The plot is developing in an interesting way, but I’m in agreement with everyone else that the narrator is a formless blob (self insert) and our 霊媒師 is almost over described. At one point in this chapter they mentioned her long eyelashes and I was like, “ah yes, of course she has noticeably long eyelashes” :roll_eyes: :joy:


Is the last word 解き明かしてください?I’m trying to figure out if I’m ending at the right spot. In the audiobook the spot I’m thinking of is right at the end of Track 8.

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This week goes through the end of track 9 (do we have different editions of the audiobook? :sweat_smile: ), but yes, the full final sentence it ends on is 死者の提示する謎を、先生が解き明かしてください


Hm. Maybe they are different, because that is definitely the same sentence I ended on… I’m listening on audiobook.JP, and 第一話 is split into 10 chunks for me.


Looking again maybe you mean track 8 of 第一話? Which would be track 9 since the prologue is track 1?


…Oh. Yes, that is the way to number them that actually makes sense :joy: Oh well, at least I stopped in the right place!

Unrelated question about the reading: I missed a lot of what was going on with the Goro dude (not sure how to spell his name as I am just listening.) Did I catch correctly that he had been trying to break into dead girl’s apartment and then stopped…? But he had an alibi for the time of death?


立松五郎 they said that during the time of her death he was getting trashed at a bar. He was seen on a surveillance camera sleeping (passed out) there during the time in question. In regards to the foot prints the detectives found, he said he had been there, but several days prior. He intended to break in but he heard a patrol car and got spooked.

So broadly yes, you got it! But hopefully that fills in some blurrier areas


Thanks! I heard most of it right then! I was mostly confused about the timing, so that clears things up.

I’m doing a lot better than I thought I would for my first audiobook-only read in Japanese, especially for this level of book. It helps that I’m doing multiple listens of each section, but it’s also super nice to be able to confirm I’m following the story in these threads.


Week 3 read; a little bit further ahead of schedule than I originally thought to boot. I gotta say, I enjoyed the seeming tangent they went on discussing how a 泣き女 knows someone’s going to die; that led to some neat logical reasoning from them. I wonder how well summoning 結花’s ghost is going to go…

Re:香月 being a formless blob: he feels like he’s trying to fill the Watson shoes in the relationship, as it were. He’s a bit more useful than Watson, but 翡翠 is the real star here; 香月 is just here to witness her glory before she dies for spooky reasons. :person_shrugging: I wouldn’t mind some character development for him, though, and 翡翠 being some mega-美人 is tired for sure.


I finished this week’s part and I’m happy with where the story is going.

Kougetsu started to trust Hisui a little soon imo, but I’m fine with it if that’s what the plot needs to move forward.

I liked it when Hisui showed a little bit of her other sides, other than being shy and quiet(being annoyed and maybe even a little sense of humor?) :

This part was very suspicious for me:


I’m leaving it here to come back to it later if more is revealed about Hisui.

All their talk about death reminded me that the book started with this line: 人が死んだら、その魂はどうなるのだろう。
So I wonder if there will be more explanations about the condition after death.