What are you reading today?

I’ve been binging the BL webtoon 사랑은 환상! the past couple of days - I’ve read it a couple of times before in English, so it’s not particularly challenging. I’ve finished the main story and am working through the extras… but there are more extras than main story chapters, which is odd. :sweat_smile:

Can’t wait until we’re able to track webtoons on Natively! :sparkling_heart:


That link brings me to a 404 page. :frowning:

Ah, it’s 18+ so you’d have to log in and set your account to be able to view adult content to see it. :sweat_smile:


What’s the title on English, then?

Love is an Illusion - here’s the MU page. :slightly_smiling_face:


Ah, I’ve heard of that! It was officially picked up in English last year iirc.

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I’ve been reading 엘리베이터에 낀 그 남자는 어떻게 되었나 for the past two days or so. It’s a collection of 9 short stories from an author I really enjoy. The first two stories have been…interesting and not too complex (edit: ok nevermind, this is so hard LOL), despite a number of unknown words. The length of the stories also helps, since the pacing is quite quick. I need that pacing to get me sucked into a book, especially in Korean where it takes more work to read (and then makes me more likely to put it off if I’m not super invested, or not getting a quick pay off).

I want to get back into reading more intensively, since I realize how much more I interacted with the words and remembered them when I search and wrote the translations in the book. It also made it easy to flip through and see the words I didn’t know-- and erase any that have become well-memorized. I haven’t read like that in a while, entirely due to laziness and just wanting to read for the story lol. That’s fine too, but since I haven’t been doing any Korean study, I think I want to at least make my reading a little more fruitful(?).

I have been reading a couple pages, writing down unknown words, then searching them up. Usually, just this is enough for me to fill in any gaps in understanding. Then, I skim the pages again and write the translation above the words I don’t know. I plan on doing this method, and then going back to fully re-read the stories using my ‘training wheels’ :rofl:

I’m on my journey of transitioning from YA books to novels for an adult audience. It’s a little tedious, but it’s a lot more fun for me as the stories are a little deeper than the ones I’ve been reading. I do want to find an easier read as a break from this one, so I started 고양이 섬 for a light read that I can read extensively.


I started reading 다이어트 학교 | L22??. So far, it’s at a nice level, I can make do with looking up a word here and there with the Google books translate tool. I’m debating importing it to LingQ, that way the meanings will be more accurate, but then that’d also mean that I’d have to lookup every single new word. Weirdly, I’ve realized that it’s actually a lot more tiring for me to do that, and most of the time I’d rather guess the meaning of a couple words.

Anyways, back to the book. I’m only one chapter in, but it’s been good so far. I’ve seen a lot of diet specific vocab, but that’s probably going to continue coming up, so I’ll end up learning it at some point. I was a bit apprehensive at the topic of this book at first, but at least the cover seems to indicate pretty strongly that the author isn’t for this kind of diet schools/programs.



I was gonna say, it seems hard. There has to be a reason as to why it was added as a L35??.

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Hahaha it felt like I was making good progress, then I realized it took me an hour and a half to read 20 pages…wayyy slower than my normal speed. And the way the writing jumps from topics, sometimes I do need to just Papago the whole page to check I actually know what is happening LMAO. I started off so strong…:laughing:


I just started reading 우리는 조구만 존재야 | L18?? . It’s a sort of manga about the daily life of a dinosaur, that’s pretty much just like a regular human.

So far it’s been fun, but the difficulty level feels really random. The manga parts are mostly easy, but then the vocab comes in and complicates some parts, while others stick to beginner vocab. The commentaries between the chapters are the hardest, and they can go from a step by step guide on how to use a laundromat to the story of how one of Buddha’s disciples reached enlightenment.


I finished 마법의 시간여행 1 | L19 just as something quick and easy since I’ve not been reading much except subtitles recently. :sweat_smile: