What are you watching today?

You had me at ramen and cats :joy:

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From the first episode, this is really unique, and seems like it will be a very special anime. I was expecting something generic, but the tone is very thoughtful, almost to the point of feeling a bit weighty. There’s a lot of really interesting use of dialogue-less scenes, and the characters so far seem like real people. I’m watching without subs rn, so I got like 85-90% of it.

ガールズバンドクライ S1 | L24

  • Rewatched with subs (3rd time)
  • Listened to the ep 1 commentary. It was ok
  • livestream announcing their collab event with MyGO (starts 5:55)
  • ガルクラジオ every week

I was able to get most of the livestream (when I didn’t space out), and same for the weekly radio

Tried BanG Dream! It's MyGO!!!!! S1 | L30?? - I got through episode 3 5, and so far it’s boring, and I really don’t see the appeal… Every episode leaves me going “maybe the next episode will actually be interesting?”. I’ll probably torture myself see it through to the end though. Update: I finished and was really underwhelmed.

Picking 転生王女と天才令嬢の魔法革命 S1 | L31 up again. I started the LN, and it’s helpful to watch the anime first.


I have just found 桜蘭高校ホスト部 S1 | L30 has been uploaded to UK netflix so I will be having a nostalgia blast! Having re-read some of the manga last year, after about a ten year break, it was still as hilarious and absurd as I remembered, so this should be fun :grin: however I watched the English dub last time! So it will be a little bit of a new experience with the Japanese voice actors :thinking:


Checked out some more Summer 2024:

Probly gonna switch to subs for 義妹生活 and 恋は双子. I think I’m at like 85-90% comprehension for those… so it should be good for grabbing new vocab

PTW Summer 2024 (waiting for subs):


This doesn’t count for my Natively list, but I just watched Mononoke-hime in theaters. This is only the second time I’ve seen it, the first being over 10 years ago in English dub. There is no way I would have been able to follow the story without the English subs. And I was really confused about シシ神 being translated as “Deer God” in the subtitles since I’m just thinking “but ‘deer’ is しか” the whole time. After a bit of research, I think シシ comes from いのしし and かのしし, so the translation to “Deer God” isn’t terrible, though perhaps loses some subtlety and nuance. There was more to the explanation, but my eyes started glazing over.

Anyway, I didn’t love the movie when I first watched it a while ago and that didn’t change from this viewing. It’s certainly a fine and well made movie, but I like many other Ghibli films much more.


Yes, it seems to be this しし (picture from my phone dictionary)


I finally finished ネトゲの嫁は女の子じゃないと思った? S1 | L22 , and did in fact still enjoy it (with plenty to be critical of) the second time around. I probly wouldn’t recommend it per se, but I wouldn’t recommend against it either… just go in respecting a ridiculous comedy, with a terrible yandere love interest, and you’ll probly be fine. The gaming/gamers aspect is easily my favorite part.

And inspired by conversation on the What are you reading today? thread, I started…

Episode 1 was hilarious - both intentionally, and in a “omg this is so 90’s anime” way… I’m not sure what I want to do about the filler eps just yet, but I found a seemingly decent guide for what’s skippable… so I’ll try one or two. I’m really glad it’s broken into seasons. So I’ll only have to get through 46 eps to mark something as finished, and not 200!


Season 1 wears out its filler welcome really fast and I think has the biggest filler to plot episodes of the show. I’d skip. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll be interested to hear your thoughts. I have no objective view of SM and wonder how I’d feel about it if I had only found it as an adult…


Yeah, I tried a few, and couldn’t get through any of them. Will definitely skip the rest

I’m flipping through the manga on my phone, and they seem to be similar… but very different… I think I’ll try properly reading some of it. Surprised it’s only 10 vols!

Anyway, show is enjoyable so far. I’m definitely missing some dialogue, watching audio-only tho. I just finished the Mars episode. I’ll have to report back once I’m further in :slight_smile:


I think the first two “seasons” are pretty similar but they diverge as the series goes on. But it’s been a long time since I’ve read the manga, and I don’t think I’ve ever actually finished it.


I found it to be very filler-less; rather densely packed with plot, to the point that I had to pause regularly to digest. :joy:


Based on the first 3 chapters they share the same skeleton, but they’re really different. Interestingly the manga seems to be way less icky (no pervy grandpa so far, Mamoru is 17-18 and a 2nd year in high school). Usagi is way less of a helpless crybaby, Tuxedo Mask is more actively involved. The actual events of the chapter/episode play out very differently as well.

I’m kind of relieved, cuz they’re different enough that I won’t get really grumpy lol

Interesting… the only time I’ve had to do that is with CLAMP (Tsubasa Chronicles, specifically) - but they make things intentionally convoluted and abstract on purpose


Caught the latest eps for

First ep is basically like the manga - and also involves Sawashiro Miyuki :heart_eyes: … difficulty varied, based on how オタクっぽい a particular scene was. I think future eps will be worse, in this regard, but not undoable with subs.

On a different note, headphones reviews: