Crosslinking between different media forms of the same title/property

This is a product request for a dedicated field for series/titles to be able to crosslink to one another or otherwise be bundled together in some way, specifically for various forms of the same property (light novels/manga/soon-to-be anime + live action, etc), despite having differing difficulty levels and possibly authors, artists, etc.

Possibly also for larger franchise works, e.g. the various Fate franchises, the various Zelda manga etc could live under a larger family umbrella or at least share crosslinkage. But perhaps that is a larger and more unwieldy topic.


Trello link:

Approved! I agree this would be very nice. I personally like how AniList does this with their ‘relations’ - essentially they show related media with an appropriate title (Light Novel / TV Series / Movie Adaptation… etc)