Final Week of 📚 本好きの下剋上 / 책벌레의 하극상 🪱

Welcome all to week 14 of our Bookworm bookclub!



Week Start Date Chapter Number Ch. Name :jp: Ch. Name :kr: Ending% / Page# :jp: Ending Page# :kr: # of Pages :jp: # of Pages :kr:
14 Dec 4 SS 1 マインのいない日常 마인이 없는 일상 92%/333 334 13 12
SS 2 変わらぬ日常 변하지 않는 일상 95%/348 347 15 13
Afterword あとがき 후기 99%/351 349 3 3

Junior JP version

(No page numbers known)

(Home thread) week 13

Character Table
English Japanese Korean Notes
Myne マイン 마인 Protagonist (Eng. also written “Main”)
Tuuli トゥーリ 투리 Myne’s older sister
Effa エーファ 에파 Myne’s mother
Günter ギュンター 귄터 Myne’s father
Lutz ルッツ 루츠 Friend; same age as Myne
Ralph ラルフ 랄프 Friend; same age as Tuuli
Carla カルラ 칼라 Lutz and Ralph’s mother
Fey フェイ 페이 Friend; same age as Tuuli
Otto オットー 오토 Subordinate to Günter

Discussion ground rule suggestions

  • Any spoilers, for the current chapters must be behind spoilers or detail curtains. When we get further in you don’t need to hide details that were revealed in previous chapters.
  • Always mention where you are in the book when discussing, ideally by chapter so people reading different versions have a clear point of reference.
  • Feel free to read ahead if it’s exciting! But please refrain from spoiling ahead of the appropriate week :slight_smile:
  • If you have a question about grammar, vocab, cultural things, etc - ask! That can be part of the discussion too and I’m sure some folks would be happy to help.
  • Even if you don’t read the chapter(s) in time, you are still encouraged to post in the thread for that reading once you have finished it. I advise not reading ahead in the threads as you may see spoilers.
Are you joining us for week 14?
  • I’m reading along
  • I’m just following the discussion :popcorn:
  • I’m reading, but not at the same pace as the club
  • I’ve dropped the book
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Final week everyone! The main story is over at this point, and this week is two short stories and the afterword. Reminder to vote in the closing thoughts polls if you haven’t already!

I wrote these a month ago and want to say things now that I’ve read more books but can’t :joy:

マインがいない日常 was a great side story. It was fun to read from ルッツ’s POV and interesting to see how the kids usually hunt animals in the forest. Hearing that magic stones/cores exist in 魔獣 was intriguing - I wonder how they’re used in daily life and how valuable they are? Clearly the kids sell them, but that doesn’t mean that Myne’s family uses them themselves, depending on their usage and price. In addition, hearing about how the magic beast they hunted has red eyes when it’s angry like Myne’s was interesting and confirmed Otto and Benno’s theory that she can use magic. It was also unpleasant but understandable to hear that the other kid was scared of her after her outburst earlier in the book, when her eyes changed color. I suspect it will become relevant later on once she learns she has magic (or if she has another outburst…) and has to control it/loses control and other people learn about her magic - I could definitely see her getting ostracized because of it being potentially scary and not well understood, which Benno and Otto’s wife also seemed to be concerned about (even to the extent that her family, if they weren’t so loving, might throw her out). Overall, this was a very nice extra chapter to read. It shined light on ルッツ’s character and explained (or at least implied) a bit more about how magic functions in Myne’s new world.
The chapter from Shū’s POV about Urano was funny - especially the last line. It’s his fault she’s in a bookless world now, haha. On a more serious note, it was nice to get more of a look at her previous life and her relationship with Shū.


Oh, did Myne’s eyes actually turn red? I think I thought the kid was exaggerating or somesuch; it would be pretty neat to see her eyes turn red.


They became rainbow colored.


I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

The short stories were enjoyable. I found learning about the magic stones interesting, I don’t remember that bit from the anime. I wonder what they are used for. If they did come up in the anime, then my memory isn’t very good :smiling_face_with_tear:

I’ll try to read a couple more volumes of it next year :grin:


(Technically a spoiler for people who haven’t seen the anime; it’s very minor though) In the series, we don’t learn much about them until arc 3, but the anime only covers arcs 1 and 2 (at the time of posting), so it’s probably not your memory… Although you should have seen some more already during arc 2 (=seasons 2-3).


Hmm I don’t remember that, I might have to rewatch. Or just read the LNs instead :grin:

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