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I have encounter requests to use two of my stopped books as a comparison to grade other properly finished books.

This book was repeated in the grading even if I barely read. I have to manually skip grading questions then. However, it is now finished reading.

Another book has been read enough, so I am now somewhat satisfied with the grading. However, it is should be manually clicked, rather than in the global grading system.

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Other than the idea of specifically choosing to grade that book, probably around more than 30% read might allow grading, or appearing in other book’s grading?

Otherwise, not completely read books shouldn’t appear in comparison, unless graded.


I agree. I’d like books that I dropped to not appear in the gradings at all. Most of them I didn’t read enough of to feel confident grading. I feel like someone could also misinterpret the difficulty based on the small portion they read and really mess up the difficulty scale for that book. For example, Girl’s Last Tour starts off very easy and get substantially harder throughout the first volume.


So long as you can still review a dropped book I don’t care if you can grade it or not. I feel comfortable grading things I’ve read ~30% of, but I also am fine leaving a review stating what the difficulty was and why I dropped it (I usually do anyways :sweat_smile:)


That’s a feature, not a bug.
I don’t mind grading books that I dropped, assuming I read enough.

Also, there’s a way to block books from appearing in gradings already apparently (in “my gradings” there is an entry for “blocked”, but I never used it)

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There indeed is, but it is hidden in the button on the right. (And that book is stopped at 10.8%.)


There is a much bigger tendency to click Skip, for comparisons, not for the book. If so then, I would have to click skip multiple times, as well as in the future.

Then, I have to View Gradings >> manually delete Skips / Blocked, when I feel ready to grade.

In case I skipped before, I would need to delete multiple Skips manually.

The single Blocked can’t be deleted from the book’s page. The manual grading button also completely disappeared.

And then, right now I’ve found one more bug (?)

Blocking a book from grading also send that one extra comparison to Skipped.

Yes, the design could use some work to make the option more apparent. I understand your point now. I only add books to “stopped” if I don’t plan to read them any further. Otherwise, I put them as “reading” (which doesn’t trigger the grading).

Technically, removing the block isn’t much work, but it is somewhat hard to find, indeed.

That does sound like a bug, indeed.


So yes, this isn’t a bug, it’s working as intended. TBF I’m not really convinced blocking or skipping a book is all that difficult, but I understand what you mean about it being a little hidden.

I could perhaps change the philosophy of allowing books to be graded that are stopped. I’m not sure. I’ll probably leave it for now, but let’s approve it as speculative @Megumin. I’ll also leave this poll to see how others feel.

Should we allow ‘Stopped’ books to be graded?
  • Yes, I think it’s great.
  • Yes, but I don’t feel strongly about it.
  • I don’t care
  • No, but I don’t feel strongly about i.
  • No, I’m strongly against it

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I think it makes sense to allow grading on stopped books if a certain percentage of them is read. For example, anything over 25-35% or 50 pages or so can be graded, but anything under that may be too soon to judge. It does depend on the individual book though, and I think it’s okay to just skip them individually, unless one has a huge amount of stopped books.


I think this would be the best approach.

Require a minimum % before allowing you to grade it.


About my vote for “Yes I think it’s great”: Yes, there are some stopped books I didn’t read enough to grade. But there’s also some stopped books where I dropped it because I didn’t like it but definitely read enough where I can grade. I wouldn’t want to finish these books just to grade them.

I don’t mind skipping individually, especially since there’s the “block future grading” option, but I think the minimum percentage idea is a great idea!


I like the idea of requiring a minimum % before being allowed to grade although I’d lean closer to having the min % be around 50%.

From a grading standpoint, the more the better, but I wonder how often people quit a book after having already read half. That said, maybe we could be allowed to grade all books after 50% instead of waiting to finish them. 50% should be plenty to form an opinion.


I graded a book I read a little over a third of and that was over 100 pages. I feel like I had a solid grasp of the difficulty at that point (it was a bog standard forgettable novel). 50% feels too high a standard to me.


Except for those of us to don’t track percent/page progress. :wink:


I agree with a percentage, but I’d lean toward maybe 25%. 50% seems too high. If somebody is noping out of a book before the halfway point because it’s more difficult than expected, I think it’s important for them to be able to give feedback on that.


It’s difficult to say about percentage, but an opt-in for grading, and only after that, making it a part of other books’ grading, might be nice.

Should optional stopped books’ grading be opt-in or opt-out?
  • Opt-in
  • Opt-out

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That being said, there is no reason to wait for the book to be stopped to allow grading, IMO.

This is even more important for currently airing shows. For a normal 12-24 episode season it doesn’t really make sense to block grading for 3-6 months. Probably after 3-4 episodes have been watched is fine in most cases.


Can there be an option to block grading on stopped items? I don’t like grading items until I’m finished with them, and I generally treat my stopped list like an on hold/paused list, so I don’t want to grade the items included on it.

Currently I have block & skip any items I put on my stopped list - I don’t want to lose info by putting things back into owned, but having to block grading when things are moved to stopped is a bit annoying.

Alternatively, on hold/paused could be added as a main list which doesn’t ask for gradings.


I second a paused list. Sometimes I’m not in the mood for a particular book that I intend to come back to, or I get more excited for another book and read a whole second book while I’m “reading” the other book. On the one hand I’ve “stopped” reading the first book, but I do intend to come back to it.

Although across 3 languages I’m “reading” at least 25 books and I expect to finish about 50% of those, so I might have a bit of a problem. :sweat_smile: