Help deciding what to read

I have a tendency to jump between things and often bug people with very vague options to help decide what to read next.
I though maybe other people here have the same problem and would like a forum post to do this trick in!

For example right now my “vaguely explained” options are monks, vampires, murderers or a telenovela


But have you seen this thread? It’s exactly for people who can’t decide what to read next.


Seconding @omk3’s link to the “what to read next” megathread. Off the top of my head though, the first book that pops to mind with the quoted keywords is 七回死んだ男 | L34 (book club thread; feel free to post even if we’re past the read dates!)

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I’m confused why you picked that one - it has neither monks nor vampires and wouldn’t be my first choice for a murder mystery. :sweat_smile:

I think there’s an entire thread on vampire books somewhere on here though, although perhaps it hasn’t been active for a bit.

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Well, I figured they were interested in something that has one of those things, not all at once. Plus I just quoted the last two reqs, so I was trying to address those specifically.

I mean, just because it’s not a great murder mystery doesn’t mean it isn’t one, haha. They may like it more than some of the club readers did!

Here you go! Could use some fresh blood, as it were. :drop_of_blood:


I did see but I felt like it had a bit of a different function then what I was trying to do, will try there anyway I guess :joy::sweat_smile:
Thank you :blush:

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I actually have a murderers manga, this was more me trying to give ambiguous options I already have :joy:
But thank you for the recommendation!! I’ll make sure to check it out !!!

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