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The site is so slow these days that when I add a bunch of volumes of a manga to my owned list in quick succession, they end up out of order. I’m going to the series page and hitting quick add for Owned, so there’s probably a second or less between each add. This has happened several times in the last few weeks, including just now.


This is good to know. I do get alerts sometimes of site slow down, will look into. I know generally there’s been some slowdown since the infrastructure overhaul, which I will continue to address.

Roger that, will look into.


Something odd is going on with book data.

I made a list and noticed the titles of two books I requested modified to remove non-title bits weren’t reflecting that:

But on the actual book page they do:
私、死体と結婚します | L28 and 禁じられた遊び | L28??

Also, the book I mentioned awhile back which took some time to change categories is still showing as a novel on my dashboard:
but as a short story (collection) on the book page:


It appears that if you don’t go to the dash after grading, the “Grade Now!” doesn’t disappear from the menu, at the very least on mobile (Safari).

I was going to check the desc on my profile and see if there was anything I should update. Since I was on a book page, I decided to navigate there from the menu rather than the dash. I saw I had gradings available and did those first, and when I opened the menu again to go to my profile for real this time, the “Grade Now!” was still there. I finish up, check again—still there. I click on it, and, expectedly, it tells me I have none. I click on the provided button to take me to my dash and then check again—finally gone.


Ok… this should now be somewhat fixed, but I’m still having trouble getting the ‘collapse series’ toggle working perfectly. It looks like I deleted a bad yes24 series and the items in your library are not cooperating for the collapse series views (this volume was in the bad yes24 series). Everything else should be working for now… will try to finish it up tomorrow.


Update re amazon.de: I recently ordered something and remembered to use a natively link to start my purchase. (patting myself on the shoulder) Half of that order has been delivered. It was non-book stuff, though.
Today I did another purchase and it was book stuff. Should be delivered next week.

So maybe the amazon.de gods will be appeased for now. :melting_face:


ohh i just noticed mine is doing this as well

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Now that’s strange, because mine has gone back to normal after Brandon fixed it.

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In dark mode, when adding the total pages from the update button on the dashboard, the font is black on a dark grey background and almost impossible to read:

When I click on update after adding the total pages, it changes to a grey box with different styling:

Not majorly important, but thought it might be better to know. At first I thought I wasn’t typing anything, except I could see the cursor moving.


I’ve also noticed that and never remember to report it. :sweat_smile:


Fixed this up and made the system more resilient, so shouldn’t happen again!!


FYI it does seem like Amazon book additions for spanish and german are back online! Good work everyone :slight_smile:

I will try to prevent that from happening in the future… ugh!

@joreneereads @nikoru @HopeWaterfall


Can confirm for German! Thanks :blush:

I’m seeing the issue again @brandon where I finish a book, but the Grade Now button doesn’t appear on the book’s page. This time it’s on the Spanish side for me:


I know you’re working on things in general rn, but I just wanted to mention that the site response time is often really bad lately. Like at least 7-10s for loading things (doesn’t matter what part of the site) - and then additional time for loading dynamic content like activity, grading, sorting and filtering, etc.

It’s especially frustrating on mobile, where you have to manually load the search pages. It also creates a really clunky experience with updating progress from the dashboard or Basic Options dialog. Often I’ll update page count and hit Submit, only to discover that I didn’t wait long enough for whatever is loading in the background to finish (which there’s no visual indicator for). Or I’ll start typing the new pg number, only for it to reset midway. The end result being that I have to do it a second time.

It makes links on the forums frustrating too, bc you’ll tap something and it looks like nothing is happening, only for the site to suddenly pop up 7-10s later.

The odd thing is it’s not all the time. Sometimes the response time is 2-3s, which is much more liveable (tho still slower than it was before the overhaul). But it happens almost daily, and especially during EST daytime. (Afaict it’s not my connection or device)

Anyway I don’t wanna sound ungrateful or anything, but it’s kinda been a continual frustration over the last 2-3 months, especially knowing it used to be much better.


Yeah that 7 second response time is also what I see fairly often.

I know you’re busy with language learning stuff @brandon, but for the time you are spending on Natively development I think it’s better to address the performance and infrastructure stuff over new features.


For what it’s worth, you all make good points and I am prioritizing. I spent all day trying to figure some performance issues out without much success. These things oftentimes can be a bit tricky to determine.

I’ll continue to work on it this week. 7 second response times is not acceptable, totally agreed. And @暁のルナ that’s very helpful feedback, don’t feel bad at all.


For what it’s worth, when the load time is 7+ seconds the network tab doesn’t actually indicate that it took that long (it’s still slow, but 2-3 seconds). I wonder if there’s something going on with cloudflare or whatever you use? Or else maybe a bunch of requests are being done synchronously? Just some wild speculation on my part.


I’m getting an error when I try to filter videos by the yuri tag, on the Browse Videos screen:

Application error: a client-side exception has occurred (see the browser console for more information).

Console shows:

Some cookies are misusing the recommended “SameSite“ attribute 3
Uncaught TypeError: e is undefined
    NextJS 22
TypeError: e is undefined
    NextJS 17

It works fine, if I enter the url directly: https://learnnatively.com/search/jpn/videos/?ntags=yuri


I’ve had this happen but really intermittently. It’s so strange.