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I tried to log in and got “Issues with our servers,” so it’s not just book-creation that’s affected


Really? Hmm. And it’s persistent? I have been releasing frequently so maybe you just hit one of the 10 second intervals… your comment would be in the right time period, not sure. :thinking:


Fixed this!! Sorry. Here’s your book too~~


Awwww, thanks! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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to give a little more detail on the issue that I mentioned here now that I’m on a desktop here’s what I see when opening the console:


#425 says " Text content does not match server-rendered HTML."
#422 is " There was an error while hydrating but React was able to recover by instead client rendering from the nearest Suspense boundary." (which sounds like something from a scifi novel :smiley: )


Author links on video pages contain a broken [object Object] in the URL. Example from https://learnnatively.com/season/8e5bd3699c/:


Book pages seem unaffected.


@brandon I’m seeing an issue when I try to look at this Korean book page:


Not sure if there are others, but I’ll add them here if any pop up.

@brandon Some new information on performance issues.

On a book page I clicked the link to the next volume and it took about 10 seconds to load/render the page. The network tab claims it took about 1.5 seconds (which is a tad slow, but okay), but it definitely took way longer. There was a request (https://learnnatively.com/global-feed-api?item=729acefd-3735-469c-8d58-4050d3cb5734&update_session=no) that did take 10.5 seconds, but probably unrelated. Interestingly, the response was just [] anyway. :joy:

For comparison, clicking the next book link after that loaded the page almost instantly. In that case, the main request took 615ms and the global-feed-api took 7s, but clearly didn’t slow down the page load itself. So there’s something going on here where the network tab response time doesn’t always agree with the actual time it takes to rerender the page. I wonder if there’s a bug or caching issue with the rendering code/library you’re using.


Thanks for the notes. I’m actually quite surprised because I haven’t experienced that myself in a while, but there were a few warnings this morning I haven’t checked.

Out of curiosity, what’s your general impression these days on performance? My impression is that it’s quite fast now since my changes and that it isn’t really an issue now, but don’t know y’all’s experience.

Still very inconsistent and ranges from fine to pretty slow. I haven’t used the website much recently besides today, so I can’t say beyond my experience just earlier.


It’s been faster most of the time. But occasionally will get the slower load times (not as bad as before, and it could just be my WiFi or phone)

I keep having an issue with delayed input on the book search page. Like I type something in, and it takes 2-4s for it to appear. Same for using suggested text. Applies where I type in EN or JP.

Overall though, substantially better tho


I haven’t noticed any particular slowdown lately; it’s probably been a week or two since I have, thinking about it.


So it looks like the past 24 hours have had some intermittent performance issues. I’m trying to diagnose, but haven’t really found anything.

FWIW it’s still better than it was before, but strangely, there have been short windows in the past 24 hrs where requests just seem to hang… seemingly from network issues but I can’t pin it down.


Do you still expect this to improve once all the code is moved to the new architecture? And any update on that? Because even when stuff loads quick-ish, it’s still jarring having information change on screen after the page has loaded (which is new from the infrastructure change).


Unfortunately not a ton of update on that yet, I will let you know. WRT the jarring issues around loading your personal information separately from the book information… I must admit I don’t seem to encounter that problem a ton now with the performance fixes.

However, that will be somewhat mitigated when moving to the new infrastructure yes. Part of the problem is that when you switch from the old infrastructure to the new infrastructure, you have to reload your personal data (book statuses, what books are in your library etc) which takes a moment. When everything is on the new infrastructure that won’t happen.

However, more granular data such as book stats / book speed timings on the book pages will need to be loaded in and updated on landing even after the infrastructure change. But those things don’t really change information on screen as much as add in a new section.


Did anybody report the review spoiler tags yet which broke a whole while ago? They all look like this now:

Review review review, review review.

And in case you were wondering about X, specific spoilery bad thing happens.</Spoiler>

Example: https://learnnatively.com/book/0dacf0836c/

It would be nice if that could be fixed. I got spoiled on quite a few books already :confused:


Yeah this is probly the 5th(?) time someone’s pointed it out, btwn this and the general thread. It’s specific to Firefox, so if you use Chrome or another browser, it should be fine. There’s already a bug report from last week (not to mention a related one from February)

Also if you open the review itself in a separate tab, the spoiler tags do work, oddly enough (of course by then it may be too late)


Yeah I think this is an indication I should just fix it … :sweat_smile:


Don’t forget that spoiler tags don’t work in lists at all!


They actually do… all review markdown works, you just have to manually put the tags on it. You’re right though having the whole markdown widget would be really nice