Physical Media Megathread

damn fr? that sucks then, I guess I’ll go with suruguya. Thanks to everyone in the thread!

Their English site, but it’s just their whole setup where you have to be aware of what specific sources/stores things are coming from, and how that will affect shipping, plus trying to guess how things will work with the box sizes/weight (DHL)… way too convoluted for me.

The only way I could see myself using it is for sets for a really big series, like Ranma 1/2 (36 vols, standard manga size). They have one on there for 5,000円… but I don’t have the vaguest idea how much that would come to in shipping… so can’t tell if it would be worth it (at that price I’m assuming it would be, but)

In any case, I appreciate the offer :slight_smile:


That’s why I usually just set the filter to Sahra, their warehouse :rofl:. Since the product is guaranteed to be in stock without a person having to physically check, it calculates shipping and total cost of your order right then, and you don’t have to wait to pay.

Warehouse prices can be slightly higher than storefront, and the selection is more limited, but for me it’s worth not having to bother with all that.

(On the product page is an estimate of shipping costs for that item if you were to buy only that, for that 5,000 yen Ranma set it’s 9,400 for DHL to america.)


That makes sense… I’m giving it another look now, b/c they have an アオのハコ vol 1-13 set

I don’t see a shipping estimate on there anywhere, nor on one of the Sahra items (I am logged in, and they should have my address). What I did find is separate shipping rates and box sizes pages. I also see now that they list package size and weight. So if I’m understanding this right, the set (180mm x 110mm x 180mm / 1590g) should fit into the smallest box… so and be in the 2,500g tier, making the shipping ¥3,700?? If so, that’s really great

Update: I decided to order it, so I’ll report back when I get the invoice from them, on whether I got that right or not

Edit: I’m hoping the inconsistent spine graphic sizes are the result of the obis and not the actual spines… but even if not, it’s a good price


That is SO weird. I see what you see when I click your link, but when I’m logged in and search for it myself

it looks like this

Maybe it’s a region thing, if you’re not in the US?

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I’m in the US, and have tried on multiple different browsers and devices at this point, no luck. Must be something with their JavaScript. Anyway looks like I figured out the shipping correctly, and I get the site more now… So I guess it will get some use in the future…

Ordered stuff from eBay (やがて君になる), Suruga-ya, and Mandarake (アオのハコ) this time around. Thx for the help!!


Could it be that @Voi is logged in and has their address registered while you’re not logged in?

No. I tried both logged in and it, and they do have my address - especially now that I’ve placed the order with them

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Well I’m dumb and Amazon sucks and the seller doesn’t fact check. I’d purchased a used “Nintendo 3DS LL Japan import” on the listing, but the picture and description (that I didn’t read, “I know what a 3DS is”) is for a Japanese DSi.

The packing slip matches the listing, but guess what just got delivered :rofl: condition was fantastic tho!

No idea if I’ll be able to get all of my money back since it was shipped international or if I’m out $125.

So of course I went and made another purchse. :innocent:@暁のルナ reminded me eBay was a thing, so I was able to get one shipped local for $150 in supposedly good condition. Seller has 14 years of history, 100k sold, and 97% ratings so fingers crossed second time is the charm and this doesn’t become the most expensive 3ds purchase in history.

Obvious lesson of the day: double check listings, and screw Amazon.

I just want to play ゼルダの伝説 時のオカリナ :sob:


Update they randomly cancelled the order, seems like. Now the sales over too


Hard to make sense of that email, but that’s so weird… At least the free shipping runs like every weekend

The first time I ordered they had me manually confirm it (sent me an email asking me to double check), but never had anything like that happen b4 :cry:


Rip, I’ve heard of that happening before, particularly for large orders. I guess some scammers claim credit fraud after they’re marked as shipped and so that’s why they request using paypal. Idk how much users actually do that though.


Good luck!! In a worst case, it should be possible to get an emulator running on tablet or computer, and do it like that.

Happened to me too. I put in another order the next weekend using PayPal, that worked fine. 2 books from my first order weren’t available anymore, the rest arrived fine.


I see… I’ll look into using paypal next time, thank you. My order was around 19 items, def fairly big but it was under $100 USD


They did that to me for just 3 items (~¥1200 iirc) and I was so disappointed that I haven’t had the energy to place another order.


They should definitely be upfront with that. If the card is overseas or whatever, your first transaction has to be over paypal.


アオのハコ 1-13 - my first order from Mandarake! The obis are all different sizes! Really curious what that obi for vol 6 says, given how huge it is!! Never seen one that big before.

I placed them 適当 in my bookcase for now, bc I’m waiting for the other shipments (やがて君になる、堀さんと宮村くん、and a mix of manga & LNs from 駿河屋) to come in.

So far I’ve made use of 25% of the physical items I own (counting the incoming ones), but 70% if you include things I’ve already read digitally (meaning 30% of my library is entirely new reads). Curious to see how high I can get that number this month.


Next up: 堀さんと宮村くん | L26! I like it better than ホリミヤ | L23 so far (just started volume 3), but it’s waaaaaay harder to read


I thought I’d test out surugaya to purchase 赤ずきん for the mystery club since they have free shipping at the moment, and I’ve tried using PayPal so fingers crossed!