Physical Media Megathread

Yay that’s exciting!!

I did see them! Natively forums has been really helpful for me.

I decided this year to start reading a lot, but just picking Japanese books off amazon is a bit daunting for me.
Having someone already talked about it on Natively really helped my confidence in picking out things :pray:


Just a tiny haul today (and one of these I already had). ルリドラゴン has been consistently out of stock for months, so when I was adding to my Surugaya wishlist and saw it available I decided to jump on it. I decided to also complete some sets. I thought I was buying the second book to complete my set of 下弦の月 but apparently the one I got was a hardcover omnibus (which I didn’t even realize was a thing). So they don’t match, but at least it’s the whole story (funnily enough they both have story 8, so I’ll have to decide where I’d rather read that). I also looked all over for my X4 and couldn’t find it anywhere so now my set is back to complete. And I threw in とんがり帽子のアトリエ because I’ve been eyeing it for a while and the box total wasn’t going to trigger an import fee :joy:

All is right with the world again.


Picked up all 3 of 岸辺露伴は戯れない. I’ve fallen deep into Jojo and cannot get out, apparently. I was so shocked when I found these randomly in public (they also had the Jojo magazines, but I’m not rich lol…) The covers + dust jackets are holographic, they gotta be my favourite covers so far in my whole collection.

I also picked up 東北三大祭り殺人事件 because it was $1 CAD (less than 75 cents USD) in some random basket. I added it to Natively, cause I don’t even think anyone’s ever heard of it before lol.


I may have bought 満月をさがして | L24 from ebay. :eyes: I previously bought part of the series in the reprinted version, but the text was so small it was impossible to read without getting a headache (see second picture below for dimensions). The kindle digital quality is pretty bad, so I’d been waiting to get the original version used. Finally decided to just buy it last week. It’s still a bit small unfortunately, but definitely better than the other version.

As a side note, I also experimented with some upscaling to fix the quality of the digital scans. Waifu2x worked surprisingly well! If I hadn’t already bought this I might have just used that, and I probably will use that for some other series that are way longer (like Fruits Basket) that I don’t want to take up the shelf space for. (Fruits basket sells for pretty cheap used considering it’s 23 volumes, but I don’t even know how I’d rearrange my bookshelf to fit 23 additional volumes.)


Is the newer one B6 and the original is bigger? I still haven’t read the series, but good to know if I do ever buy it. They look soooooo pretty btw

Not sure what your bookcase looks like, but I found turning things sideways, and going two rows deep, to be the answer recently, when I was trying to make more room

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I don’t know B6 size off the top of my head. I guess it’s similar to a typical paperback novel. And yes, the original is bigger and closer to a standard manga size (though still slightly smaller).

Unfortunately I can’t fit manga two rows deep. It’s a bit frustrating because if I knew I’d have this much manga I could have set up a second matching (floor to ceiling) book shelf when I first moved to my current house. Now I’d have to just put in something that doesn’t match, which I’m trying to avoid.

I could also free up some space by giving away some manga, but not sure where I’d give them. And probably wouldn’t save me that much space anyway.

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Japanese B6 (12.8 cm × 18.2 cm, 5.04 in × 7.17 in) is standard manga size… Tho apparently this is different from American(?) B6 (12.5cm x 17.6cm, 4.9" x 6.9")

Gotcha… good luck with the shelf space in the future then!

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I’ve never read it but read a lot of 神風怪盗ジャンヌ カラー版 | L24 in high school. I didn’t realize that 満月をさがして seems to be her more well known series and have been curious. Anyway, very long winded way of saying I’d be interested in hearing your opinions.


Maybe we could have a “flea market” post in here? :thinking:
(or maybe an “American flea market” would make more sense…)


I’ve also been thinking about selling/gifting for shipping costs to people here if they’d be interested…


I was thinking of making a thread called “Book Swap” or something, for that purpose. I don’t see any reason to limit it to Americans tho. (Of course if individual ppl only wanna send domestically, that’s their call - but may as well keep the thread open)

Tho if u wanna make a thread, feel free


I’ll post an update in the regular what are you reading topic. I just read whatever based on my mood, so not even sure when I’ll read it. Probably sometime this summer though.

It’s worth noting that I don’t normally like the 2000s style shoujo art, but something about the premise caught my interest. I already read the first few chapters from my other copy and was enjoying it, but had to stop because I was straining my eyes too much. Hopefully I can read this version without issue.

I’m sure it would get use, but I wouldn’t take part in that. For one, I’m just not comfortable with the possibility of a random person finding out where I live. But also I’d just rather share locally if I can find somewhere good to do that.


You could try the usual stuff like ebay and any other local marketplaces you have. Or check if you have a Japanese educational facility near you. Like, I have an international Japanese school in my city and they have a library, so I will probably contact them and see if they want the stuff I no longer need. I have also set aside some stuff for a fellow natively user in my city. My last resort is a charity shop close by and some open library thingies.


I was more thinking of “regionalizing” than of “limiting” here. The signal-to-noise ratio would probably be too bad in my case as I’m not interested in shipping across continents (due to shipping costs). So in the end we might have one thread for each region that kinda “makes sense” - continents might be a good start there :woman_shrugging:

I’m not generally interested in physical media as such, so I’m not really the target audience of such a thread. I just wanted to share an idea.

Oh, I was just thinking about you wanting to share books. That wouldn’t give your address away? And for receiving, you could use a storage provider where you could pick up the delivery (even in the next town or so, if that’s a concern), or have it send to somebody who can receive it for you (friends, relatives, employer, you name it). But yeah, sharing locally is of course the easiest, if there is enough demand in your area.

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