Week 1 馃Ч 榄斿コ銇畢鎬ヤ究 馃悎鈥嶁瑳 Kiki's Delivery Service 馃寵

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Are you reading along with us?
  • Yes! :smile:
  • I鈥檓 reading at my own pace :smiling_face:
  • I鈥檓 just here for the discussion :popcorn:
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Since a few of us couldn鈥檛 wait to get started (:sweat_smile:), here are the links to the discussion from the home thread for future readers:


Very tempted to join when I finish 銈儵銈广仹2鐣洰銇彲鎰涖亜濂炽伄瀛愩仺鍙嬨仩銇°伀銇仯銇6 | L26 (tho I should catch up on 钖眿銇伈銇ㄣ倞銇斻仺 2 | L38 first)


At your reading level it鈥檒l be a breeze to catch up.


What language are you reading this in?

  • Japanese
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I can鈥檛 remember if there are versions available in Spanish or German, but just in case there are, it鈥檚 an option!

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Found the German version here:


Ah, thank you for the poll HopeWaterfall! I鈥檒l add Kiki to the Korean book club page, then鈥


Finished the reading for this week. It wasn鈥檛 too bad, but I had a little trouble keeping up with Kiki鈥檚 conversation with her mom. Dialogue between characters in novels still trips me up a bit sometimes.


Anything in particular you had trouble with? I鈥檓 sure someone can help you out!


Finished chapter 1! Like many others, I鈥檝e read part (about 100 pages) before, but never finished and now am starting over.

I remember this striking me the first time I read it too, but I love that the reason for all the bells on the trees is that time that Kiki flew while wearing lacy underpants for the first time and crashed (due to the distraction of wearing lacy underpants for the first time). :joy:

Also, the mood is so melancholy, with magic slowly disappearing from the world! Although Kiki鈥檚 dad (a human witch and fairy ethnographer!) says maybe it can be discovered again, so 鈥 I guess that makes it feel a little less sad.

And finally, this is slightly beside the point, but I have the illustrated paperback version and the texture of the paper is so silky! I could flip back and forth between the pages for hours. :joy:


ooh that sounds nice. Do you mind linking to that directly, I鈥檓 not sure which one it is鈥

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I was so surprised when I read that part lol Kiki鈥檚 super bold for that considering she鈥檚 fying above everyone鈥檚 heads. No wonder she was was so distracted! :sweat_smile: Really though, I hope she wears pants!

There鈥檚 definitely a sad undercurrent to this world for sure. Honestly, reading chapter 2 I was wondering why exactly Kiki needed to be raised completely as a normal girl until 10. That only allows a couple of years of training before witches are expected to make it out on their own, which, age aside, seems like a terribly short training period.

As a mom myself, if I was really that concerned about passing on my witchy traditions, I would teach my child about herbs and such from a very young age so it seems normal by then. Does that sort of thing really infrige on the free-will to chose to become a witch by that age? Also, I鈥檓 probably even more worried than Kokiri about how Kiki is approaching her 涓浜虹珛銇, and somehow slightly annoyed about how casual Okino is being about it all lol


Still haven鈥檛 finished chapter 2, ack!

Yeah, I feel like their system of passing down magic is not very robust and is likely the primary cause of magic disappearing from the world. :sweat_smile:

Love this real mom perspective. :blush: From a narrative standpoint I get it, lots and lots of kids books find ways to get rid of the parents so that kiddos get to deal with the adventure of being independent, and I appreciate that this book doesn鈥檛 kill off the parents :sweat_smile:, just makes it a tradition for witches to become independent earlier in life.

It鈥檚 these ones: CDJapan, Evil Empire


Oh wowww those are pretty!!


I honestly have no idea how I read this before.

It鈥檚 a much easier read now, but I鈥檓 still looking up words etc. I looked back, and I read this nearly 4 years ago. I鈥檇 been learning Japanese about 9 months when I started it, and just over a year when I finished it.