Week 2 馃Ч 榄斿コ銇畢鎬ヤ究 馃悎鈥嶁瑳 Kiki's Delivery Service 馃寵

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Are you reading along with us?
  • Yes! :smile:
  • I鈥檓 reading at my own pace :smiling_face:
  • I鈥檓 just here for the discussion :popcorn:
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Oh wow, I finished up on Sunday and I鈥檓 still the first one to post? :sweat_smile:

I鈥檓 still enjoying the story so far. I felt like this week was a little bit harder than last week鈥檚 reading. Mostly it鈥檚 adverbs that I don鈥檛 know so I鈥檓 happy to extensively read (listen?).

I haven鈥檛 seen the movie in years but I鈥檓 surprised how closely it鈥檚 followed the story for that so far. I had thought that the movie was only loosely based on the book, but maybe I was thinking of another Ghibli adaptation?


Not sure if the structure of the book counts as spoilers, so I will blur it out :sweat_smile:

From what I remember, the book becomes fairly episodic, with each chapter being its own little story with its own characters (aside from Kiki). The movie took some of those and has them play simultaneously, and also adds an overarching plot for Kiki.

鈥 also, you made me want to rewatch the movie :joy:


My audible subscription expired before I was able to finish so now I have to read the book manually waw waw. :melting_face:


I鈥檓 definitely going to rewatch it when I鈥檓 done with the book. :grin:

鈥nd maybe also some of my other Ghibli faves :joy:


I鈥檓 still on chapter 2 :sob:


Is there a last line for this week? I鈥檓 unsure where I鈥檓 up to since I鈥檓 reading digitally!

never mind I can't read lmao

Week 2 is aaaaaall the way to the end of Chapter 3. It鈥檚 by far the longest chapter at 12.5k words (next longest is like 9kish).

A last line would be good if anyone has a paper copy. Otherwise I鈥檒l just eyeball it at 57% into the chapter. :sweat_smile:

edit: I was accidentally a week ahead of the book club here. See my next post below.

last line


I OCRed it from my physical copy, so apologies if there are mistakes.


I鈥檓 a little late, but I finally found the time to listen to chapter three. In general, I鈥檓 finding this to be great listening practice.

It was interesting to hear Kiki鈥檚 family鈥檚 theories on why magic has been disappearing. The rest of the chapter was quite similar to the movie. I hope that later chapters will diverge a bit.


I think that鈥檚 the end of week 3? Was wondering if there was a fixed break for the end of week 2. I suspect I鈥檝e passed it!

Oh you鈥檙e right. I got myself ahead a week by reading the schedule wrong and that鈥檚 the end of that week. I forgot to come back and fix it.

I didn鈥檛 see an obvious line break at that page, but this is the end of the 20th page for me.

last line


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