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I kind of expected this chapter to have a Roald Dahl-esque ending: girl completely morphs into a fish, mother comes home to find her daughter missing but a suspicious trout(?) in the bath, there’s a big search for the missing girl that winds down after there’s no new leads, the fish is donated to a local aquarium, mother wonders what happened to her daughter and makes appeals every year on the anniversary of her disappearance, and the fish-girl spends the rest of her life happily swimming around with no worries. Or mum eats the fish.

When I got to the part where she realises there’s a way to reverse the side effects by making a jelly of a human, I thought she’d be in such a rush with her mother coming home that she’d eat the jelly before it was ready and end up not-quite back to normal: a single flipper where her feet should be, maybe, or permanent fish scales covering her legs, or even just webbed toes.

The actual ending wasn’t so dramatic. She got over her fear, and became a champion swimmer, so everything turned out alright, but… Maybe I’m just used to dark children’s stories that have a bit of a twist, but this was a bit of a damp squib compared to where my imagination was taking me. :woman_shrugging:


Yeah, frankly she got off completely scot-free and probably even kept some of that mermaid power. Feels like cheating ;D


Brain needs to reset after this week’s また夢 (and work), so will join in tomorrow (probably for half the week’s reading, if I had to guess).


I love your Grimm fairy tail fantasy ending :joy:

Regarding the (actual) ending

I interpreted it as she ate it before it was ready (1 min) and therefore, what she kept from her mermaid-ness was her lack of fear of the water, so she maintained her ability to swim. I’m a big old softy, I actually loved the ending!


Finished! That was fun. Feel like that last bit flew by, probably because there was less set up, but maybe I’m also just comparing against また夢 which I’m finding substantially more difficult. Anyway, time to go over with a dictionary


Finished this weeks reading and finding this to be quite a comfortable level. It’s mostly vocabulary that I’m looking up but I am finding that I’m remembering more of it without having to look it up (I even used some in my conversation lesson last week).

Wondering what the next chapters will bring and I kinda want to buy the rest of the series :rofl:


As always, I had a lot of fun reading this. The ending was pretty soft indeed, which I don’t mind, but then her getting rewarded for doing something stupid does feel weird.

What’s nice though is that reading this has already become a lot easier, since I’m a lot more familiar with the vocab. I even reread week 1 and week 2 (by accident, don’t judge, I accidentally copy pasted that part right before week 3 :melting_face:. It made some sense too, because it was after she realized that something went very wrong and that she really should’ve read the instructions, and then boom next part was right back to visiting the store. I was thinking that she was going to confront the owner, ask her why the side effects happened, but nope, just the same as week 1. I was so confused at first, plus I couldn’t understand why this week’s reading was so long :joy:). Anyways, with that, I got to see all of the vocab again, and to my surprise, I actually remembered quite a lot! This means that my LingQ count has only gone up to 295 (and I was a little over 250 last week), since I was also able to mark a lot of words as known.

Same here, between また夢 and 소리를 보는 소년, this just feels so much easier. I feel like that’s always a great way to quickly improve reading: read something above your level, so that the stuff at your level becomes easy in comparison.

(technically a week 1 question)
물속에 들어갈 때마다 머릿속이 하얘지고 미쳐 버릴 것 같다.
Here, does it mean that her hair literally turns white when she goes into the water, or is it a way to say that she can’t really think clearly as her “head turns white/empty”, supporting the going crazy part afterwards?

(technically a week 2 question)

맥주병 마유미가 저렇게 수영을 잘하다니.
Is the comparison between bad swimmers and beer bottles a general saying, or just a weirdly specific insult here?

I was curious as to what 자주색 was (since I reread week 1 again), so I looked it up and it turns out it’s this sort of reddish purple. The color wheel below is super nice though, it has so many interesting color names!


머릿속이 하얘지다 = (idiom) for one’s mind to go blank

In English you might say you “sink like a stone/rock” if you’re not a good swimmer, in Korean the comparison is a beer bottle (full, of course): 물 속에서는 맥주병입니다. / 난 맥주병이에요.

That colour wheel is useful - I never thought of looking up the specific colours - 파랑 and 남색 were both just “blue” to me! :sweat_smile:


Ooh, is this the 金槌 line in Japanese?

Went over again and feel like that last third was by far the easiest read so far and has given me a lot of confidence. I feel like short story collections might be a great way for me to build confidence for reading - can’t believe I didn’t think about it earlier, but reading ‘complete’ narratives (even if short) feels great (especially above simplified reader level)!

Double shotting it with a longer book seems great as well.


Yep, Japanese people who can’t swim sink like a hammer :joy:


LOL but who would expect the consequences of getting what you think is sugar and gelatin plus water wrong would turn you into a mermaids permanently?

I do this all the time on purpose, it really helps with vocab acquisition and sometimes that’s all I need to remember a lot of new words!

I’m enjoying the comparison of Korean and Japanese phrases!


Caught up to week 3! I also agree that this is a lot speedier of a read than また夢 (even though according to jpdb I have 10% more vocab coverage for また夢 than this book) – I think it helps that the grammar is simpler, and it’s more plotty instead of ~abstract musings about life~.

I wasn’t expecting the ending to be very dark, even considering the genre, though I was a little surprised that she did get off pretty much scot free and without being traumatized by water forever lol. Was still a fun story! Looking forward to the next chapters :smiley:



I have to say a part of me felt like given the effort i expended to read it, a happy ending was fine by me!


Got behind on this club so I just finished this chapter! Agreed that I assumed the ending would possibly be darker or have some kind of ‘gotcha.’ Didn’t mind it how it was, though! And she got to become a champion swimmer.

I was just thinking this! I don’t like short story collections that much in English (they’re too short lol) so I thought I’d have the same problem in Japanese. But my reading speed is so slow that even short stories feel long, haha. And feels so satisfying to finish a story.