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Welcome to Week 4 of また、同じ夢を見ていた / 또다시 같은 꿈을 꾸었어 :slight_smile:


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Week 4 Feb 18 2024
Chapter 3 (first half)
Percent 22.5%
:jp: Pages 47 - 68
:jp: Final line とても、いい日でした
:kr: Pages 49 - 68
:kr: Final line 정말로, 좋은 날이었습니다
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  • Always mention where you are in the book when discussing, ideally by chapter so people reading different versions have a clear point of reference.
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I’ve just started this week’s reading and found an interesting sentence.


I get the general meaning of it but the wording is pretty interesting, this is the first time I saw a feeling being described this way.


Got about half the week’s reading down (about 3%) which seems to be my limit right now per session (both a no-lookups run and then a lookups run over two sessions). There was one particular run-on sentence that was like nearly 1/5th or 1/4th of a page… come on, Nanoka, don’t do me like that…


Worked through some of the reading this evening, made it to 19%.

I can’t believe she was like “Oh, I forgot, I’m reading Huckleberry Finn right now, and I can’t read two stories at once, so I can’t read what you’ve written right now! But I’ll finish soon!” That was funny, and a bit disappointing because I was impressed she got Minami to share her notebook with her in the first place.

The dynamic between the two is interesting. Wondering where this will go!


i’m assuming she messed up the name again - seems to be a recurring blind spot lol


she can read 南 despite being an elementary schooler at least! lol


I assume it’s her high school’s name. Makes me wonder if she found a way to make up names for 荻原 and 桐生 as well lol.



Where is she getting these horrible puns, incredible Dad joke energy.


Finished this week’s reading. Nanoka is 偉そう precocious af and doesn’t even realize it. Poor gifted kid not even realizing how other people react to what she says. :joy:

lol, I absolutely grabbed that quote to mention here. Seeing as I’m in the middle of… *checks notes* literally infinity books right now. She has way more self control than I do :melting_face:

Oh duh. I couldn’t figure out what it would be embroidered on her uniform. :woman_facepalming:t4:

I really liked getting to know Minami-san more this week. I did miss seeing Nanoka’s other friends though. Any other latchkey kids get worried when her mom was home early? That never was a good think when I was little. It seems like it wasn’t anything to worry about (and was maybe just that Nanoka was out later since she met a new friend? I wasn’t reading super closely). I’m also sensing some foreboding about her mom having her calendar out and comparing it to the Parent’s Day print out… :grimacing:


Found this week pretty tricky but I’m pretty sure I’m going to be saying that every week lol. Thank god for instant lookups… now to do a reread with the lookups and see if that’s any better.


Ugh, I hate parsing multiple negatives. Is this… something like… ‘there’s nothing there that I don’t want to know about’ = ‘it’s full of things i want to know about’? [being vague/not direct translatey]


I think it’s more universal than just her: “There isn’t anything in life that isn’t worth knowing” is my take on it.


Haha. I know, right? This “I still really want to read it, but actually I can’t right now” in the last moment might actually be a good way to keep Minami-san interested in her eventually reading it, but there’s no way Nanoka came up with that.

I’m not sure she’d have it any different :laughing:

Questions for this week:

Question around the middle


Does she mean that the “dying with a twisted stomach while reading a book” is what would happen to her as a karmic punishment if she really had laughed about Minami-san writing a tale?

Questions in the second half


Is that “But I was paying too much attention to the time that was chasing me and my tail-less friend leaving me behind, and so I returned home like this [without doing anything about the seemingly very sad man on the swing].”?


I’m having a bit of trouble with the second part of the sentence. The first part seems to me like “My mother was comparing the printout I left on the table with her memo pad”, and then the second part is about a “happy report/information” that Nanoka received regarding the parent’s day? Does that second part imply the mother told her that she’s going? Or does Nanoka think the comparing is “happy information” which implies that her mother can go? Or something else?


What’s the のには here? Neither “despite” nor “in order to” seems to fit.


seems like nominalization to me (edit: though I’m not caught up yet, so maybe I’m misunderstanding… hoping to catch up this weekend)

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Agree. I don’t think のに can be followed by は (but this is from feelings and not grammar study).

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Fair, but… what’s the には then? All the grammar explanations I can find boil down to “for X”/“in order to X”, and that doesn’t seem to fit.

Again, I’m looking at it out of context, but my best guess is it’s like the answer here:

の = nominalizer (similar to こと)
に = by
は = topic marker so

I’d need the sentence or two before to figure it out tho… Maybe someone else will have a better idea

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Questions in the second half:

Yep, I wouldn’t say “too much attention” though, just that the time was her priority.

Yep, she gave her the happy report (that she was able to make it).

I was surprised by (the fact that Minami said that).


Yeah, that makes sense! What I was missing was that に is usually used with びっくりする to mark the thing that the surprise comes from.

I have to admit that I’m still not quite sure what the は is doing there. When I looked around, it seems that it’s mostly used for contrast (as in “She was surprised by this, but not by something else”, I guess?), but I can’t make much sense of that. Maybe she was supposed to be surprised by earlier things Minami-san said, but wasn’t, compared to this? No idea.

But I’m used to not properly understanding は, so I’m sort of okay with that :laughing:
Still, if anyone has an idea what exactly it’s doing in that specific sentence, I’m all ears!

It’s the topic marker は. Think of it like “regarding” or “with regard/reference to”

Regarding (the fact that Minami said that), I was surprised.

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