What are you watching today?


I couldn’t get into it 4ish years ago. But now that I’ve seen and read more series, I kinda get it better. 4 eps in, and it’s kinda fun/funny, but also kinda dull and predictable a lot of the time, so far. I’m hoping/assuming that gets better as the show goes on tho?

I like the language/vocab tho, and trying to figure out Megumin’s chants is particularly fun. Normally my eyes just glaze over with that sorta stuff, but I kinda like them here. I should probly try writing out words I don’t know, cuz fantasy/adventure vocab is always useful!

For anyone who’s read the LNs or manga, how do they compare?

First episode was decent, I love the two lead voice actors (esp Asanagi’s VA Asami Seto). I’m not as 一目惚れ as with the manga so far, but it looks like it will be enjoyable, and the language is simple :slight_smile: It’s making me wanna reread the manga!!

Not sure how I feel about this. It cheered me up and was kinda cute and funny. But it also felt a bit flat. It’s weird that they read their voice acting lines on the radio show so slowly (声優 shows IRL are the opposite of slow), and it really makes it abundantly clear how at odds the two characters are… when they’re supposed to be good at making it seem like their buddy-buddy on air. Anyway the leads seem unhealthy for each other, in a way that reminded me of Rumiko Takahashi characters… so we’ll see I guess

Plan to watch:

And maybe:

みーつけた、I finally found the anime that starts with a song that I have already heard far too often without knowing where it comes from, as I did not know the name of the title song: ぼくらの S1 with the song “uninstall“. Now I have to watch it just to hear the opening 24 times :joy: but it seems also to be interesting…

I also knew the song before seeing the anime, and I enjoyed the anime a lot once I finally watched it.

This also happened to me with アカメが斬る! | L30. I must have listened to tsukiakari (second ending theme) hundreds of times before watching the anime.

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Caught the latest episode of ささやくように恋を唄う S1 | L20?? . As I suspected they really botched the animation of the band rehearsal scenes. They’re generally doing an excellent job with the story adaptation (I did reread the manga since my last post), but the animation quality is kinda all over the place, which makes me sad.

Also enjoying 声優ラジオのウラオモテ S1 | L25 tho haven’t caught this week’s episode yet


Watched some more ジョジョの奇妙な冒険 P3, finished that one Baby Episode (ep 20). Honestly did not see the ending coming, but Kakyoin’s a hilarious character so far.

So far this part is a lot better than the last two parts combined, and it made sitting through part 2 worth it. Not that it was bad, but it just dragged on for longer than it needed to. I get why everyone says P3 is their favourite now lol

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Looking for a vid… I found this amazing live stage アフレコ vid for a defunct game 消滅都市 (service ended in Feb, but I don’t think it had the VAs anyway). Edit: these are the voice actors from the anime.

Anyone have any idea if a full recording exists somewhere? Would be really great to find


I was avoiding it cuz I couldn’t get past the cg animation style, but it stands out less over time, and the characters are really enjoyable. There’s some things here and there that are a bit unrealistic (particularly from the perspective of having played in bands before), but I can mostly swallow them.

I was kinda hoping it would be a yuri (or at least have romance) at first, but so far it doesn’t seem to be, and I’m enjoying it all the same.

The language is relatively simple, but some things are definitely going over my head in real time. It would have been nice if the main character has an accent, since her family does, but it’s believable that she speaks perfectly normal Tokyo-ben too.

Anyway I’d say a solid 4/5 so far

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The anime that took me by surprise, the most of any this season! Absolutely 一目惚れ! In some ways similar to Girls Band Cry, but less angsty/dramatic, and more vibrant cast. Hard to put into words exactly what I like, but it’s very captivating and original. I think it’s fair to call it yuri at this point (though we don’t have an official couple yet), but that’s just one aspect of the story.

This is really fun, and a cool concept. Only watched 1 ep, b/c the aristocratic language is pretty hard for me, and there’s also lots of magic jargon… so might put it on hold for now.

So far, so good! There’s enough that I have to pause for, but the grammar is fine, and it doesn’t feel so annoying.


Finished 岸辺露伴は動かない/Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan OVA series today. It was fairly interesting, but the mysteries were a little mehh. In its defense, it’s hard to set up a feeling of mystery in an episodic format I guess lol.

I’m probably going to be checking out the live action version next, since that seems to be popular


So. much. 神風怪盗ジャンヌ S1 | L24. I’ve watched 12 episodes in 3 days :sweat_smile:

I remember watching this with my friend after school. I only understood a few words here and there, but really liked it. Right now it’s a nostalgia bomb that’s perfectly at my level. There’s a little bit of police talk or keigo that sometimes goes over my head, but I’m getting 99% of the dialogue without issue. Haven’t hit filler (ot at least filler so bad I need to skip and episode), but I know it’s coming…


LOVE this show. Mei Nagano is bae of baes!

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DNF’d on this after 3 eps. It seems like it could(?) be a decent show, and it’s pretty popular, but the concert band theme is incredibly boring for me, and the pacing is really slow. So as I suspected, I just can’t get into it. At least I’m saving myself 3 seasons of frustration due to apparent yuri baiting. Update: in the show’s defense, it is simply following the LNs.

Maybe someone else will enjoy it though.


Finished Golden Wind (LV30) and left a review, it was p fun! Not as good as Stardust Crusaders imo but def a step up from Diamond is Unbreakable. Also Bruno and Narancha are some of the best characters ever in Jojo I will take no criticism on this


Rewatched for the first time since I saw it in theaters… and やっぱり I really can’t stand that they added Mito into the movies… it’s much less egregious here than in ソードアート・オンライン-プログレッシブ- 星なき夜のアリア | L28 - but she still detracts from various character, world, and story elements. Also, I can’t help but picture Itsuki from 五等分の花嫁 | L24 whenever I here Minase Inori’s voice acting… which is kinda immersion breaking here :upside_down_face:)… Overall it’s not a bad adaptation, and it has a unique vibe amongst the SAO anime content, that I find enjoyable.

Was sorely disappointed by よるクラ this week, but ガルクラ was excellent. 声優ラジオ was nice, and 鬼滅の刃 ep 4 felt a bit filler-y/too dragged out (but has been good overall). Overall, Girls Band Cry is easily my favorite show this season, and Jellyfish has me really worried for the final 2 eps.


actually I fear the whole arc is a filler, as what can I expect from something with name: training arc.

よるクラ this week

Well you could say it‘s the usual episode #9 or #10 crisis (I am still at #9, though), and still have hope it ends well.

I see what you’re saying, but this is the first episode that seemed that way to me.

Ep 9 certainly was. It put the knife in and gave it a good, hard twist - excellent writing, even tho it wasn’t where I wanted the story to go. Ep 10 was the first episode I walked away disappointed, thinking it was poorly written and executed… Of course, some people thought it was excellent, so take with a grain of salt I guess.

The reason I’m worried tho is the amount of still open character/plot points. That’s gonna be hard to pull off in 2 eps. Hopefully they’ll manage it tho

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Where we are at episode #9 crisis. It‘s a no go that Darkness left the group of Konosuba.

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I’m only in S1 of that, but :open_mouth:

Also I love her whole ドM thing :joy:

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It’s simultaneously very cute, but also very dumb it gets better as it goes… and I can understand a lot of it without subs (I accidentally didn’t turn them on :sweat_smile:). I think I’ll give it another episode to see whether it retains my interest. It would be convenient if I can get into it, since it would give me another 百合姫 magazine series to read. Update: I got through ep 6… it’s definitely not the best thing I’ve watched, but I’m enjoying it & hooked enough to keep watching. Update 2: I finished it. It was alright. I binged and love the manga!



Does somebody know why there is a break between episodes #8 and #9?