"What should I read next?" Megathread

Does anyone have any recs that predominantly feature kansai ben and below level 25 or so

雨でも晴れでも 1 | L22 - the main character has a pretty strong accent (and it’s a big part of her character)

「マンガ」 君の名は。 1 | L23 - half the story takes place in a fictional town in Gifu prefecture. It’s not overly strong imo, but definitely was a challenge the first time I read it


There is ラブ★コン | L25. Here the characters speak almost exclusively Kansai, as the manga is set in that region. But so far I only saw the anime (24 episodes).


Just in case you are not aware, there is a “Kansai Dialect” tag, so you can also go to Browse —> All Books, and then search for the tag on the left side, as well as filter by any of your other needs/interests.

This doesn’t really help with specific recommendations, but you may find a more comprehensive list. Of course, this assumes that things have been tagged correctly.

Below is a screenshot of the first results that popped up as an example:


I was not aware at all! I knew and used the tag system but never realised there was one for dialect. Thank you! and thanks everyone else for the recommendations as well.


Oh, also, I just read the first chapter of 四十九日のお終いに, which might be below level 25 if you are already familiar with Kansaiben? It was very understated and interesting.

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It’s set in Kyouto. I just added the kansai ben tag. It’s not yet graded. I just started reading (though I watched the anime subtitled). I think it’s a bit difficult for me because of the dialect, but that’s obviously not something to count against it if you specifically want dialect. It has full furigana. Though as typicall it’s sometimes impossible to read in the digital version.