Physical Books or E-Reader?

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I prefer physical books in general because I love the feeling of turning paper pages. However, when it involves language learning, I’ve grown to prefer using my Kindle Paperwhite.

Screen display

I tried to use my iPad or a Kindle fire for ebooks, but the screens’ lights feel to harsh for me, even when using dark mode. (I do sometimes use my Kindle fire for reading ebooks in English). When reading a physical book, I have to either sit in a place where the light hits the pages in the right direction instead of casting a shadow, or place a lamplight directly above me. This doesn’t always work out when I want to lay back on my sofa and read. With the Kindle, I can essentially read anywhere regardless of the amount of light.

Looking up definitions

I found it takes less time for me to complete a novel using my Kindle because I don’t have to open up my phone’s dictionary app to search for a word. Even though there is a bit of a lag when highlighting words and looking up their definition in the Kindle interface, it still takes me less time than looking up on my phone.

My Kindle fits in the front pocket of my small crossbody purse because of its slim size. Even the small paperback books I have won’t fit in it. (When I do read a physical book, I carry it in my backpack). And because the Kindle itself can hold many more digital books, I have more options to read in one device vs one physical book.

Perhaps as I learn more vocabulary and kanji, I will reach a point where I can read more physical books. I still buy them :smiley: If I’m sitting down at a desk/coffee shop table, I do try to make an effort to read physical books.