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BTW: If I had more than 10 favorites would the list only show the first 10 of them? Then how to sort the last added one to the front (as it would not be visible/accessible).

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Not sure if it needs a PR as it’s something minor and that it probably fixes by itself but:



I’m not sure, but it should scroll. Are you having this issue? If you are, sounds like a bug for sure :sweat_smile:

Intriguing :thinking:… perhaps it was because my async processing server was down? Is it fixed now?

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Hi everyone, I’m kinda new here so I’m hesitant to open a new thread for every little question I have…

I was thinking it’d be helpful if related media could be linked to each other (e.g. when you have a manga, have a link in “More info” to the spinoff manga, the light novel, the anime adaptation etc.).

I mainly watch anime and when I like it, read the manga afterwards. Sometimes I watch a JDrama and wonder if it is a manga or book adaptation.

If something like this was already asked, please feel free to direct me there.


This is the perfect place for a question like this.

That is a great idea and one that is one of the most popular product requests.

The place to look for past ideas is in that category, Product Requests - Natively Forums. You can sort by number of votes which will get you the most popular ideas and upvoting things you like will help it be pushed to the roadmap :slight_smile:


Thanks for the redirection! Yes, i’m still figuring out the Search function :bowing_man:


It is, maybe it allowed me to select it as watched before it was in the system as aired?

The thing is that I usually watch it way before it allows me to mark it as watched on quite a few shows. Probably a timezone thing.


Not sure if it’s a problem on my part with my internet or if it’s Natively. I feel like today, everything has been a bit slow. Usually when I finish a book and refresh the page, the activity appears immediately. Today however, the activity does end up appearing, but after a couple minutes instead, or even a little more than that.

Edit: Review activity is getting spotty again

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My Natively has felt a little laggy today, but I’m down in the room that gets spotty internet so I’m not sure how much I want to +1 this.


So yeah, my async processing server was having some issues again and died. It’s now been rebooted. Probably should figure that out :sweat_smile:

As for general slowness outside of that, it doesn’t look like it’s much slower than usual. A few spikes in the past 10hrs, but nothing that uncommon :thinking:


Yeah it’s based on New York time. Only will update the episode to ‘aired’ once New York reaches that air date & my morning cron has run (runs around 1 am).


So, upon further review, I actually discovered that my process for pre-emptive syncing ongoing seasons with TMDB process was erroring out (which I was ignoring :sweat_smile:). It’s been happening for the last 3 months too…

Basically, only some of them were being preemptively updated but once the series encountered one bad series, it broke the whole process. Manual syncing would fix the issue, so that’s why you may have needed to hit the ‘manual’ sync button more often than usual.

It’s a bit confusing though, as TMDB lists future episodes and conversion from future episodes → aired episodes on Natively is a separate process. So this bug with syncing wasn’t as impactful as it might’ve been, as every sync usually pulls in future episodes too.

Regardless, it’s now fixed and made more resilient… :slight_smile:


Are the airing times converted to NY time or they are just miss-matched? That would explain why I can watch shows and not mark them as aired for quite a few hours.

To be honest, I’d just allow to mark it as aired at 00:00JST and don’t bother about the specific hour.


You’re right - I could just run that process to convert unaired → aired at that time, that’d be easiest :thinking:


For future reference, since this has happened before, just not since I started using Natively—

Are you able to set subtitles per episode, or only per season? Say I’m watching a show on Viki and I see it’s got JP subs, but I don’t realize it’s only for the first few eps and after that I gotta either switch to EN or turn them off. Am I able to log say ep 1-3 as JP subs and 4-6 as no subs?


I think it’s only per season, right? Someone correct me if I’m wrong.


AFAIK there’s only per season, if not I assume it would be something you could change in the data manager but you can’t.

Looking at the exporting CSVs, I don’t see it anywhere. So I don’t know whether this is internally saved per episode or per season in the database. That would be a question for @brandon with probably the added request to include the subtitles status in the CSV export?

If you want, I can edit Add custom tags, custom lists to CSV dump information PR to include that for a possible future update.


So that means currently my only options would be to either lie or not log the show at all? (Or start over from the beginning so all eps match, but there are very few shows I’d want to rewatch so soon, the one I remember this happening with not being one of them.)


You could use a custom tag or an internal note to record what you watched in what, although this is not ideal.

Other than that, you have to do a Product Request in the forums to get it approved/implemented by @brandon

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yes as @Megumin says, a Product Request would be the way to go.

TBH my thought would be that’s a very rare situation (I personally have never encountered it). I’ve always looked for the subtitles if i’ve wanted them. And I try not to introduce complication into the product without good reason.

However, a product request would indeed tell us if it’s more common :slight_smile: