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Korean and Japanese displaying on the same page… :upside_down_face:

I think I was looking at Japanese stuff in another tab, and when I returned to this tab I changed the activity view, which switched it to Japanese (although the reading/watching/display language in this tab is still Korean).

(Not sure if this can be considered a :beetle:)


Yeah, and further down the y-axis of “levels over time” has pgs instead of episodes.


Should I open a request for specifying the subforums in the Natively dashboard?


Currently there’s no way to see if that Book Clubs is from the Japanese or Korean subforum.

Also, created threads and pinged you in each subforum for you to pin when you have some time.


Minor Natively milestone for me: 2000+ gradings!
I was thinking to stop grading at exactly 2000 for the screenshot, then immediately forgot.

Only 158 books added? Those be rookie numbers. I need to start focusing on reading stuff so weird no one has ever heard of it.

Anyway, one could say I like this site.


What was the 1 video you added, out of curiosity?


I’m at 124 but have only read 156, so my tastes must be weird :joy: It’s probably mostly the Aozora stuff, I don’t think I even technically got ‘credit’ for the spreadsheet of Aozora stories I requested brandon to add pre-emptively for me.

Congratulations though! Quite the milestone!


1070 books read! :exploding_head:
Teach me your secrets, senpai :bowing_woman:


I honestly have no clue. I don’t even know how to check :sweat_smile:

Actually, I noticed that series also count as a single book, no matter how many books there are in there. :melting_face: I need to focus on one-shots then.

Have virtually no hobby besides reading. Do that for 10+ years (the first manga I read in Japanese was back in 2009… so close to 15 years ago now :sweat_smile:)

Speaking of manga, they do account for most of my books, too. In fact, they account for nearly two thirds of the total…


I’m at 114 books added, but I bet a bunch of those of obscure Manga Time Kirara series that no one else would read.

Also, does anyone know if this is individual books or series? Sometimes I will do the “add more volumes” button and I wonder if that adds to the total.

Until Allow users to see which books they have contributed (and show/hide on public profile) is done I don’t think there’s a way.


Catching up on all the threads that I lurk in and I can’t just let this go. It absolutely blows my mind that people think that novels are easier than manga. I will give you that the handwritten text can be hard to read, but it’s usually just a side comment or small joke and rarely consequential to the story.

Now, admittedly I probably read 200-300 volumes of manga before I ever read a novel in Japanese, so that may be part of my problem. But still. :joy:


It has to be series. I added something like 85 books + series back in the early days of the website, including one that has 52 volumes (ハヤテのごとく! (series) | L27) and one that has 32 volumes (伯爵と妖精 (series) | L30). That’s more than half my total already with just those two.
I don’t know if adding more volume counts, though.


It does not, at least when you add the intended way with the “Add more volumes” button.



Apparently I have added almost the same amount of books as I have marked read. :rofl: So close to 200. :eyes:

I have a definitive sweet-spot level-wise and an affinity for children’s lit. :sweat_smile:


L20-33 is quite a wide sweet spot :stuck_out_tongue:

(I have basically the same, but 27-33 is almost 50%)


Yes your understanding of the behavior is accurate. Is that not the case?

yeah that’ll happen, not sure i’ll fix tbh.

Shouldn’t really be an issue as you’re either viewing your dashboard in korean or japanese, and the other language category won’t be included.

Actually, all ‘requests’ are counted. So ‘add more volume requests’ and new book requests are counted as one each.

@seanblue @mic noted on those stats label things

And really amazing milestones @Naphthalene and everyone!!! You’ve all contributed to making an amazing resource :smiling_face:


The children’s lit has a lot of L26, that skews the stats. :see_no_evil:


Then I have found a few instances where they were not added to my counter for some reason. Probably a bug or something.


The last two novels I finished, it went through a few manga first before it finally gave me other novels, despite me having several novels finished within range of them. Want me to log a bug?


Yeah, if you could do a bug and lay out the specific items that you expected to be prompted to compare but were not, that’d be great!!

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I wanted to throw this one out there, how do people feel about being able to rate reviews? I often find some book reviews are more helpful than others. Could just be a flat x people found this helpful like on Amazon or maybe something where you could add stickers/reactions like ‘Good plot summary’, ‘Helpful at determining language level’ etc.