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Welcome to Week 17 of また、同じ夢を見ていた / 또다시 같은 꿈을 꾸었어 :slight_smile:


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Week 17 May 19 2024
Chapter 9 (part 3 of 3)
Percent 86.5%
:jp: Pages 250 - 260
:jp: Final line コーヒー味が苦手な私は、パピコの中身が溶けてから、それを通りかかったアリさんにあげてしまいました。
:kr: Pages 238 - 248
:kr: Final line …그것을 지나가던 개미들에게 줘버렸습니다.
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Sadly I am now convinced magical realism is real (in my opinion to the book’s detriment). However the execution is … Acceptable and linking it back to the book’s title is good. having it delivered by a compete random who showed up purely to dash nanoka’s beliefs about the nature of reality was less satisfying, but whatever.

I’m not souring on the book or anything and I think it may well work in a different context but it just feels so… Unnecessary to actually have it occur instead of just being metaphorical or allegorical? I don’t know, it feels unsatisfying to me.



Well, that was sweeter than Nanoka (and I) expected - we probably both assumed that his happiness would be “drawing”, not this :heart:

And then: Welp, here we go. That was quicker than I expected, but maybe reconciling with Kiryu-kun was either enough to avert the Abazure-san future, or averting their own future future and then vanishing wasn’t the point of our time-displaced Nanoka copies after all.

And… maybe it was a dream after all, then, now that Onii-san calls it out and Nanoka accepts it as a possiblity? If so, props to mic for calling out the possibility of something like that in the week 8 thread.

To be honest, I don’t see how that would work yet. I guess I could somehow see her going home and then… sleeping and dreaming after school (as she always seems to go home first, if I remember correctly), but how about today? Assuming that grandma is a dream and Onii-san is not - where would the dream start? If grandma is not a dream, how about the days she went from Abazure-san to grandma? Is Onii-san a dream too, weirdly enough, telling her that her past visits were dreams? :laughing:

Btw, @Jintor, only putting small portions in spoilers doesn’t really work when the rest of your text is so indicative. We all know by now what kind of development you would have prefered, so if you are “sadly now convinced” of something and think it’s to the book’s detriment, it’s easy enough to guess what you are now convinced of and what happened in the chapter :wink:


i blurred out a bit more but couldn’t resist leaving a hopefully non-completely-indicative line at the end


I had a feeling this would happen, especially once the cat wouldn’t go upstairs. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

I’m going to rage if this cat doesn’t exist.

I absolutely loved the Kiryu-kun admission that @Legato mentioned, and maybe some of his earlier lashing out makes more sense given his feelings about Nanoka.

I kinda expected the man who answered the door to be future Kiryu-kun, but both because of the “pretty writing” on the name of the name plate that Nanoka didnt recognize plus him not recognizing her I’m guessing it’s not. He did kinda hesitate at her name, but not as far as I could tell in recognition.

My guess for what will have Obaa-chan go away is keeping Kiryu-kun from moving away. And maybe they get married :thinking: I haven’t decided if I’m shipping them yet, lol, so I don’t know how I feel about that potential ending :joy:


I think I also would have liked it more if the whole “they are future versions of Nanoka” remained implied or vague, but oh well :sweat_smile:

I think this is my biggest issue now… If everything is just metaphorical, then I don’t need answers to everything. But since the book is giving us some explanations I now need everything explained :laughing: Not sure if the next chapters will pull that off.

On the other hand, as long as we get happy Kiryu-kun in the end, I will be happy too :smiling_face: poor boy now has a friend, at least.

This would be an actual plot twist - I am ashamed I never even considered that :eyes:


I’m mostly thinking worst case scenarios. I don’t actually think that, especially because it doesn’t make sense with my hypothesis about how the book works, but if it does happen I will be mad :joy:

On the one hand, if it’s “it was all a dream” I’ll be mad because that’s some of the more obnoxious ways to end a story. On the other hand, the book is called また、同じ夢を見ていた so I can’t say we weren’t warned :sweat_smile:


The whole book is a dream that the random guy who’s now living in Abazure-san’s apartment had :crazy_face:

It someone told me that, I’d expect a repeating dream though. And it’s only the future (dream?) Nanokas that said that they had “the same dream again”, so I kind of expect the title of the book coming from that… however that works or fits into anything :man_shrugging:


I’m definitely shipping them. When he said she’s his happiness, I cried a little bit.

Remember how grandma said that her painting was made by a friend? Maybe Nacchan and Kiryu-kun developing a relationship is what will make grandma disappear.


That’s what I’m thinking. Although she had kids so like, what does it mean to disappear that future and her children to be with Kiryu-kun??

I am also just remembering that Nanoka said that his name was a good name so was that very light foreshadowing too?


Whelp, bit late too the party this week, and most of what I wanted to say has already been said, but I’ll try to add some of my POV.

I was surprised that her reaction to essentially being told that someone who was, at one point, pretty much her only friend - remember, she met Abazure-san first, before the others - was not real was kinda… small? I guess she had been primed for it a bit with the disappearance of Minami-san, but if it were me, my world would be shooketh, I think? Haha

I’m a bit disappointed with this aspect of the story as it kind of makes it feel like there’s something missing. Like some of you said, we still don’t know where she was all this time. Asleep? If so, where? It’s all a bit strange. The rest of the story has been really sweet and moving though, especially now with Kiryu-kun’s confession (which I accidentally read last week).


As the cat shows quite some un-cat like traits, we might need to be prepared for that, I‘d suppose.


Ok, I am not going to complain about it being a fantasy-type of story again. :grin:

I really really liked Kiryu‘s take on what happiness is for him. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I also had expected it to be him loving to draw.