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Welcome to Week 9 of また、同じ夢を見ていた / 또다시 같은 꿈을 꾸었어 :slight_smile:


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Week 9 Mar 25, 2024
Chapter 6
Percent 46%
:jp: Pages 118 - 138
:jp: Final line その顔はやっぱり、いつもの勇気のない桐生くんのままでした。
:kr: Pages 116 - 136
:kr: Final line 그 얼굴은 역시 평소의 용기 없는 키류의 얼굴이었습니다.
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Again half done, will need to go over again too since I don’t quite know what happened when she was leaving the supermarket

I’m happy that my lookups seem to be decreasing but I’m still as confused because of the sentences lol


Woah - I didn’t expect Kiryu-kun’s father to steal something at a supermarket. I was expecting more of a depressed angle there after those sightings in the park. I don’t share Nanoko’s optimism, but I wonder if there’s more to the story. But since I’m all caught up now I’ll have to wait a week to find out…

I guess Kiryu-kun will get some uncomfortable questions from Nanoka, but hey, at least she’s not giving him a wide berth while staring at him like the rest of the class. Nanoka actually seems quite decent at reading the air, but then is oblivious as to why the air is like that, so she decides to ignore it :laughing:


Ruri Dragon?!


I was like “What the heck is going on there” until it became clear with the very next part. Nanoka is such a delightful oddball.

Also, as a side note: We haven’t seen grandma in quite a while, huh.


Phew, finished the section. Second half was a bit easier than the first I think. I’m getting more back into the rhythm, though it’s still pretty tricky at times.

yeah lmao, she’s so brazen sometimes

Relevant phrase that wasn’t in jisho


I think you’ve accidentally left some of the week 9 post reading “week 8”.


Should be fixed now. Thx for catching that :slight_smile:

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I feel like this was intentionally vague since she was avoiding looking what was happening… but I also just sorta let the audiobook breeze through …

Hahah I’m not the only one who thought that!!

I’m not saying it’s her fault, but I do get why her only friends are a cat, a “woman selling the seasons”, an old lady, and a depressed high schooler.


It comes out later, more about who the shoplifter was.

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She tried to forget about the bad experience and focus on the positive in the supermarket to tell her friend about when she gets back.

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I have finished reading the book! :tada:


速い!おめでとう。 I take it you enjoyed it?


Yes good stuff. I believe it’s the second light novel under my belt.
The main entertainment for me was the playful language and the mystery elements kept me engaged and carefully reading. Of course this is more of an adult-oriented book but has very accessible vocabulary and writing. I found it tough to get started but catching up to the book club pace was motivating then from the 桐生くん trouble onwards I just wanted to find out what happens! Thanks book club! Wouldn’t mind discussing the end too a bit once everyone gets there.


I enjoyed the last two weeks of readings :blush: A lot more going on now :eyes:

I thought the term was 目から鱗が落ちた but eyeball works too I guess :joy: (typical Nanoka)

I hope Kiryu-kun gets cheered up by Nanoka. It must be so traumatizing to learn that about your dad + the cat is probably out of the bag regarding his supposed job too. (Not confirmed at this point of course, but I had predicted the same early on about him chilling at the park after probably losing his job since it comes up from time to time in media, especially as the expectation is for the father to be the breadwinner.) I do hope the two can become friends